riborovskiThese entertaining little hamsters are the smallest species kept as pets. Robos, as they are commonly known, are becoming more readily available, although there are currently no color varieties. The Normal coloring is grey, but turns sandy golden with maturity, with white belly and eyebrows, black eyes and flesh-colored ears edges with grey.

Roborovski hamster have lots of energy and tend to spend more daylight time awake than all the other species, much of it playing on their wheel and exploring their cage. Although they are unlikely to bite, the children will enjoy watching their antics, they are not suitable for those who want a cuddly hamster to tame as they move very fast and are easily dropped.

They are only with an average length of 4-5 cm. Like other dwarf hamsters, Robos prefer to be kept in pairs, but they will also live happily on their own.